The XOR Collection

The XOR TITANIUM is available in Classic, Ebony, Marine, Rose and special edition Alligator. Produced only in limited numbers, each XOR is exquisitely designed, meticulously engineered, made with the finest titanium, leather, ceramic, and sapphire crystal and hand-made in England.
ceramic sapphire crystal titanium sapphire crystal - hidden
till lit user interface
ceramic leather titanium


XOR is so much more than a phone. To own one is to make a bold statement about you as an individual. It tells others that you are smart with your choices; that you are intelligent, confident and understated. You are an individual that values a lifestyle of discretion, privacy, luxury, well-being and design.


An instrument that protects me, my family and my business. Users who have preregistered a partner or a friend’s phone number can unlock or erase data in their XOR handset via SMS. This safeguards you, giving you complete control over your key data remotely, in the event of you parting company with your handset.


The safe companion that I can always trust XOR guarantees privacy and safety. Each XOR handset is encrypted to protect your vital data. Two or more XOR users can exchange calls and messages using end-to-end encryption through a unique contact system and a series of secure one-time passwords.