Our company name - which refers to a logic gate used in the algorithm that encrypts your speech and text - came to us in a eureka moment, after hours of brainstorming and research. In encryption algorithm, X-OR is used to add randomness into data, making it more haphazard and cluttered, so it cannot be interpreted without knowing the secret key.

The Shield Logo

The XOR logo - the shield knot - is also a nod to our emphasis on security. The symbol has been used for thousands of years by a variety of cultures for protection and warding.

The Artisan of Engineering Art

Hutch Hutchison - Head of Design at XOR has spent 40 years devoted to a love of what he calls “Engineering Art”. This is the space where product design meets engineering in the perfect marriage.

Safe by Design

XOR’s motto, “Safe by Design”, is multifaceted. The phone is technologically safe, in terms of encryption features that protect your business and your family. The phone discretely keeps you safe in other ways too (the air quality monitoring feature being a perfect example), and, it’s also a safe choice from a stylistic perspective, communicating the right messages about you and your tastes.

Design Philosophy

Organic geometry is the underlying design philosophy at XOR. The handset’s form is defined by the fluid surfaces that create edges at their intersections. Technical geometric elements encounter the form, proudly and honestly, in a considered fusion.

Ergonomically Engineered

This organic movement is captured in the titanium sides of the phone. The lower half is deliberately sculpted to the palm enabling the natural folding over of the fingers. The upper half transitions to a concave form that makes a natural home for the thumb and index finger, guiding them to the keys that are protected in the deepest part.

The perfect marriage

XOR phone design is a marriage of these organic, ergonomic shapes with the rigid technical forms of elements such as the keys resulting in a phone that is beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

Noise Cancellation

XOR handsets come with active noise cancellation technology to remove the background noise. Background sounds are filtered out and the call volume is automatically adjusted based on surrounding noise levels, creating a better quality call for the user.

Air Quality

Protecting your health is as important as safeguarding your data. Every XOR handset has an in-built indoor air quality meter to inform you if you are breathing in pollutants.

Designer Ringtone

Unique, and created by multi-award winning recording artist, composer and producer, Mark Sayfritz, your XOR ringtone’s atmospheric quality calls to mind a movie soundtrack. The same composition is played in a non-encrypted (piano) or encrypted (synthesiser) way, depending on the type of call you are receiving.